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RuralSports was created as a unique reference point for interesting articles and features on various rural sports in the UK (both past and present). We were concerned that this did not previously exist in the UK.
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Animal Sports
Animal Sports: All About Pigeon Racing, Field Sport: Ferreting, An Introduction to...
Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: Can a Neighbour Shoot Birds That Fall Into My Garden?, How Close Can...
Case Studies
Case Studies: Cycling Through all Britain's Counties: A Case Study, How I Became a...
Equestrianism: Point to Point, What is Hacking?, What is The Pony Club?, Top Tips...
Extreme & Unusual Sports
Extreme & Unusual Sports: What Are Grassboarding and Kite Buggying?,...
Fishing: Fishing Safety Tips, Getting Started in Fishing, Fishing Equipment,...
General Country Sports
General Country Sports: The Countryside Code: How to Behave in Rural...
Hunting: Wood Pigeon Shooting, Bird Hunting, The Hunting Bill, Traditional...
Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking: Clothing For Mountain Biking, Mountain Biking Equipment, Mountain...
Rambling: All About Joining A Rambling Group, Basic Rambling Knowledge &...
Recipe Ideas
Recipe Ideas: Cooking With Rabbit, Three Ways to Cook With Venison, Wines to Pair...
Shooting: How to Ensure Safety When Shooting, Game & Grouse Shooting,...
Latest Comments
  • Lynn
    Re: Arguments For Hunting
    Just a reminder that "Foxes are vermin" for those that seem to forget!
    28 May 2015
  • Peter
    Re: Arguments Against Hunting
    Only the slow, injured or elderly foxes are killed. So it's better for the fox population. The hounds are looked after as pets…
    21 May 2015
  • NorthWest
    Re: Arguments For Hunting
    I am appalled and shocked to the core that people actually think that hunting defenceless animals is a 'sport' and that we should…
    11 May 2015
  • suz
    Re: Badger Baiting
    Hi @ANNE THE MAN. You can send information on badger digging to Scottish Badgers @ ian@scottishbadgers.org.uk, the SSPCA or the Police. If you do…
    19 April 2015
    Re: Badger Baiting
    I have had people digging up badger sets on my farm.
    4 April 2015
  • MattyG14
    Re: Arguments For Hunting
    Hunting is done for a reason, because foxes eat chickens and lambs which farmers need to produce things for the community. People say ban…
    2 April 2015
  • Gordon R
    Re: Arguments For Hunting
    Good idea Steven Patrick! I have also tried and it was DASHING and FUN TIMES!! I hope you and your wife are well, hope to see you on (toy)…
    27 February 2015
  • Steven Patrick
    Re: Arguments For Hunting
    If one really wants to hunt but doesn't want to actually kill any animals one could just hunt a human instead. I mean a person that has…
    27 February 2015
  • RuralSports
    Re: Shooting Rules and Regulations
    @POT1. See Section 3 of the Countryside alliance code of good shooting practice
    11 February 2015
  • pot1
    Re: Shooting Rules and Regulations
    The Farmer next door holds annual shoots and while in the past have let us know in advance, this year, they shot right next to…
    8 February 2015
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